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Chania is an enchanting destination that combines history, culture and natural beauty in a unique way. From the cobbled streets with traditional houses to the clear blue waters of the Cretan Sea, Chania invites visitors to live a unique experience.

Chania is a city that combines past and present, culture and nature, gastronomy and hospitality. It is a destination that leaves an unforgettable impression on every visitor who visits it.
  Dozens of attractions and beaches
The city has deep roots in history and this can be seen in its archaeological finds and architectural attractions. The Old Venetian Port, the Chania Lighthouse, the Kiucuk Hasan Mosque are just some of the monuments that bear witness to the city's past. The historic center of Chania is full of living tradition and cultural heritage.
However, Chania is not only a city with a rich cultural heritage. The environment around her is equally impressive. From the imposing White Mountains with its small villages to the enchanting beaches such as Balos and Elafonissos, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy nature at every opportunity.

Local products

Cretan cuisine offers flavors that exceed expectations, with fresh local products and traditional recipes that have been preserved for centuries.